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Large Room Redesign

Large Room Redesign

Every home and office have some part or room which is the centre of attraction. We want it to be eye catching, modern style and just perfect as per our plan. As society and times are always changing, the need to update this place and keep it up to the mark is really vital. We can help you do that.


Suppose it is a large living room of your home. May be 5 years ago you chose some tiles for your flooring which do not look the best option to you now. May be you are looking for something which just makes it most wonderful like Italian Flooring. This is where we can do your job. We will show you samples and pictures with price. Once you select the one suitable to you, we will get it fixed by our workers and that also within your stipulated budget.

May be you want to change the wall color theme or use unique wall papers and 3d wall papers, we will arrange it for you in the best possible manner.

May be you want to replace your old furniture with high quality teak furniture of your shape, design and dimensions, we can get it made for you at our wood manufacturing unit at a great price.

Any thing and everything can be changed as per your taste and budget. Not to forget the fabulous false ceiling works, fancy lights, crystal lamps and chandeliers. We will try to create Your World of fantasy as per your budget. Something which you will be proud of and which also gives you a feeling of satisfaction.


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Office Workspace

There are some special rooms or places at our home or office which have a special significance for us and we want it to look the best. It may be the bedroom of our kids or the study room of an adult child. We want it to be enchanting and creating energy for our family.

Just book our service for nominal charges and see how we transform your place very close to your dreams.

We are equally good to construct and design a new place for your home or office as well as for renovation work. Design plan is made as per your requirements while the execution is done with best quality products. You know that best quality does not always mean very expensive. We use good quality products and accessories for your place where some are made at our unit while few are arranged through our partner brands.

You can also visit our website for International customers where we export home accessories to USA and whole of Europe.

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