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YOUR WORLD INTERIORS is a Design Studio which helps you to create your dream home or a great office place. We provide both design and execution services. We can design your raw new space, renovate an old space, get the construction work done and the architectural support. You just have to Call Us or Book Online the service which is best suited to you. Our consultation charges are nominal and the idea is to support your dreams. It is you who know what you want and what is your taste and choice. We just transform your desires and requirements into a reality.

We do all works related to the designing and construction of your home, office, garden, pent house or any other place you wish to rediscover. It includes the design plan, construction work, flooring work, false ceiling work, lighting solutions, plumbing solutions, customized furniture, home accessories, home decoration artefacts etc.

You can avail both new designing or renovation services from us for all your interior designing and exterior designing needs including for living room, bedrooms, kitchen, study room, place of worship, wash rooms, galleries and corridors etc. Our main services include but can be extended to other design and execution works of your requirement :

Initial Design Consultation

Furniture Consultation

Lighting Solutions Consultation

Small Room Redesign

Large Room Redesign

Full Service Home Design

Besides this we also provide all kinds of construction and architectural services, plumbing services, garden designing and plants or any other design and execution service related to your place. You can book our services for nominal charges and get the benefits of great designing, top quality products at economical prices.

See you soon !! 

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